Our Team

YESS! champions people and their organizations to maximize their potential, achieve extraordinary results and live fulfilled lives.


Dan Hawkes, Certified EOS Implementer

Dan Hawkes is a Certified EOS Implementer with extensive experience in numerous industries including retail, service, non-profit, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, financial, and the list goes on. His experience ranges from single point to multi-state organizations, from start-ups to 100 million dollars, and from five to 250 employees. When working with Dan you receive much more than the standard EOS Implementation, because he brings a lifetime of experience. With over 33 years as an entrepreneur, Dan helps companies consistently grow their business and teams to market leadership while improving employee morale, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and building a more profitable company.

With Dan’s passion for business and business excellence, his understanding of business and the challenges of business, he is able to quickly identify and overcome problems and see opportunities. Dan is able to clarify and communicate short and long-term goals, focus a team, and achieve results in a short amount of time by bringing simple, real world, practical tools to his clients while consistently growing a cohesive, functional, and healthy team – at all levels.

What does all this mean – it means Dan enjoys helping businesses get more of what they want when he helps them implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). It means Dan helps people achieve more, execute better, bring more accountability to the organization, focus on a clear vision of where the company is going, and how it will get there. Dan is able to bring the leadership team together to work on the business to resolve issues and achieve goals.
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Ali Stieglbauer


Ali serves as Business and Communications Manager at YESS! and is often the first point of contact for companies seeking our services. She loves taking care of our clients and finding new ways to delight them. Ali also enjoys managing the YESS! blog and bi-monthly newsletter. Her love of reading and writing is expressed in this role, with a favorite part being the interviews she conducts for the newsletter’s ‘Client Highlight’ feature. Ali also serves as admin to the three chapters of the Women Presidents’ Organization that Sue facilitates; this is her favorite part of her job because she finds the women leaders so inspiring.

Ali enjoys people and finds the relationship-driven world of small business exciting. She is grateful to have a mentor like Sue to help her learn more about business and looks forward to future opportunities with YESS! as both she and company evolve.


staff-cherylCheryl Regan

Cheryl Regan abandoned retirement after 6 short months and began working with YESS! in 2013. This is the third time she and Sue are working together; it seems they can’t get rid of one another.  Cheryl’s primary focus is to support all clients and work related to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®)

Cheryl has a diverse background in business including healthcare, recruiting and banking. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from Ideal Coaching and has an incredible commitment to integrity and excellence. Cheryl lives a rich life and enjoys travel, her family and her pugs. Above all else, she seeks to have people win together.

Cindy Hawkes 

Cindy is our I.T. Queen and EOS Manager for Dan Hawkes and his clients. Every day Cindy brings her attention for relationships and detail to better our business. She has the answers, and if she doesn’t, she’ll find them!

Cindy’s expertise in computer science helps us find new ways to improve client experience and keep YESS! current. In her free time, Cindy enjoys traveling, snowmobiling and cooking.