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Making Space For What’s Possible #232

Published on January 7, 2020 Written by

Making Space For What’s Possible #232 I recently stumbled upon a great list of what Letting go means (and doesn’t mean). Here it is:                                      Letting go Does NOT mean:                  […]

How Will You Surprise Yourself? #231

Published on January 6, 2020 Written by

How Will You Surprise Yourself? #231 “May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams, and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful and don’t forget to make some art, write or draw, or build, or sing, or live as only you can. And I […]

Well Beyond Superficial #230

Published on January 3, 2020 Written by

Well Beyond Superficial #230 Sometimes, you meet someone and there’s an instant connection. One you can’t explain fully, it’s deep and vulnerable and moves to a place that usually takes time and years of experiences to emerge into. I was going to pick up a gift for my husband Kevin and it happened. The acquaintance […]

New Beginnings of Many Kinds #229

Published on January 2, 2020 Written by

New Beginnings of Many Kinds #229 This is the day my Mom died. It was nine years ago, and I still think about her every day. She was just one day away from peacefully passing on 1-1-11. There’s an indelible mark on our lives that day, she left us well before though her body hung […]

What Will You Do Today? #228

Published on January 1, 2020 Written by

What Will You Do Today? #228 Happy New Year! Is it a time of resolutions, new beginnings, possibility and the frenzy of getting back to work after the holiday break? Or is it something else. For me, there were several years the New Year was a time of grieving, somber moments and reflection. It was […]

Thank You, Tim Ferriss #227

Published on December 31, 2019 Written by

Thank You, Tim Ferriss #227 Completion. It’s a factor we need to free our energy and move on. Without it, life can feel like an amalgamation of all things stuck and immobile. For me, it messes with my emotions and often causes undue stress. For me, this means I need to get in action, or I’ll […]

More Ignorance Please #226

Published on December 30, 2019 Written by

More Ignorance Please #226 I was in a session with one of my favorite teams and a new team member shared a great quote I had to capture. He said, “Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity can’t.” I welcomed that phrase and laughed out loud. How many situations do we all create out of ignorance? Unintentional […]

Pause To Hear Your Answer #225

Published on December 27, 2019 Written by

Pause To Hear Your Answer #225 When you’re grounded in your life and centered in a way that you have perspective, even amongst busyness, commitments and challenges, they are just that – challenges. When you’re untethered in your life and you’re disrupted at a fundamental level, the smallest interruptions, curveballs, challenges (like traffic) seem like […]

Curve Balls #224

Published on December 26, 2019 Written by

Curve Balls #224 Curveballs. They happen. It’s when the stuff you couldn’t imagine or wouldn’t know was coming shows up and interrupts the previously scheduled plans you’ve had. They happen in small ways every day. If you’re over-scheduled, there’s no room for them and they result in anxiety, stress and broken promises. There’s a simple […]

Counting My Blessings #223

Published on December 25, 2019 Written by

Counting My Blessings #223 For those celebrating Christmas and those who are not, many appreciate this time of year for religious celebrations, reflections of year-end, and a time of gratitude. As I appreciate those in my life, the blessing of time off before we launch into 2020, time with friends, incredible business greats, the health […]