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A Better Option #1061 

Published on March 20, 2023 Written by

Rest.   It’s been a mostly delayed thing recently. I had a heavy week of travel, six cities in seven days.  When I travel like this, the changing time zones, hotels, climate, and people take a toll on me. I don’t sleep well and eating healthy is challenging on the road. I’m lucky if I… View Article

Clarity #1060 

Published on March 17, 2023 Written by

Getting clear is important.  In EOS, we call it “hitting the ceiling,” in other words, it’s reaching a plateau, getting stuck, being in a rut and reaching a platform to either rethink how you do things, stagnate, or quit. It sounds logical and simple. It feels like hitting that ceiling at top speed with little… View Article

Decide #1059 

Published on March 16, 2023 Written by

I think of the line from the Clash song Should I Stay or Should I Go: “This indecision’s bugging me…” and several of my recent sessions come to mind.  Many teams face challenges deciding. The reasons vary: not enough data, too much data (conflicting reasons), emotional reasons linked to past behaviors, fear (of change, of… View Article

Impermanence #1058 

Published on March 15, 2023 Written by

Everything in life is temporary.  Reminding ourselves of the impermanence we live in is critical during challenging times and essential during the exceptional times.  To recalibrate your attitude, reactions, and grace you extend to others during difficult times is more accessible when you remember how short this thing called life really is.  What if we… View Article

Embracing it All #1057 

Published on March 14, 2023 Written by

I was in a room with people just like me recently. We were asked to describe ourselves and the facilitator captured our comments as we ideated.   She worked to buff and polish our language and made it positive as many of the comments were self-deprecating, yet accurate.   What we all shared is a maximizing mindset…. View Article

Checking In #1056 

Published on March 13, 2023 Written by

A friend posted this lovely thought recently and it prompted me to check in with myself.   “One life.   Just one.  Why aren’t we running like we are on fire toward our wildest dreams?”  If I don’t pause with some regularity to check in with my life, I won’t grow in the direction of my dreams…. View Article

Normal Day #1055 

Published on March 10, 2023 Written by

I purchased framed art with this quote which seems a fitting message every day, especially today.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   May it serve as a consistent reminder for us all.  “Normal Day  Let me be aware of the treasure you are.   Let me learn from you, love you, bless… View Article

Either Way #1054 

Published on March 9, 2023 Written by

At an onsite manager session at one of our incredible clients, Aggressive Hydraulics, the leadership team began the day refreshing their skills around leadership and management as well.  One of the resources they shared during our discussions about leadership was from The Winners Minute, which offered a great set of questions for us all to… View Article

Small Steps #1053 

Published on March 8, 2023 Written by

So far, in 2023 I’ve gotten rid of at least one box full of things I don’t use or need every week. It feels good to look for areas to remove the clutter, extra and over abundance we’ve accumulated in our lives.  As I approach new spaces, the work seems endless, yet by doing just… View Article

Making Things Right for You #1052 

Published on March 7, 2023 Written by

Quiet mornings, inspired by the sunrise, fueling the energy and enthusiasm for my day.  When I begin on my terms, silent, appreciative, envisioning what’s possible, I’m fully present and centered. I prioritize what I need, further fueling my best self.  Exercise follows naturally, it isn’t forced.  Writing, capturing my thoughts as I do right now,… View Article


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