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This is the Intentional Greatness Podcast. This podcast will ask you the tough questions and teach you the skills, practices, and mindset you need to become an unf💗<kwithable leader, entrepreneur or business owner. You will hear interviews with leaders who shattered their own illusions of a “perfect life” and who refuse to be defined or limited by their circumstances. It is going to be smart, informative, and most of all, challenging. Let’s cut through the bullshit and learn how to power through to the next level and realize your own incredible potential. Thank you for jumping in and taking this ride with me.


Episode 32: Core Values | Intentional Culture, with Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is recognized as a ‘culture innovator,’ creating workplaces where people love to work and are inspired to make a difference. As the Founder and CEO of Innovative Office Solutions, Jennifer’s mission is to inspire people to love what they do and who they do it with while living out the company’s core values. […]

Episode 31: Running Your Business | Navigating an Industry Transformation, with Lynne Robertson

A marketing provocateur cross-trained in the discipline of brand development and the rigor of retail promotion, Lynne is the CEO/Owner of FAME. She has orchestrated hundreds of national campaigns for blue-chip, retail and packaged goods marketers in all channels of trade including Target, Dreamworks, IMG, General Mills, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. […]

Episode 30: Balance | The Intersection of Work and Family, with Lynn Souza

As CEO of Kyber Security, Lynn Souza has combined her 20+ years of experience in technology with her innate leadership skills and passion in order to set a new bar for excellence in cybersecurity services. Lynn is a hard-driving, goal-oriented professional who has blazed a trail for herself as one of the few female CEOs […]

Episode 29: Effectiveness | Your Health is Your Greatest Asset, with Max Lipset

Max has over ten years of working with top professionals in strength and conditioning and corporate wellness training. He brings effectiveness and a diverse skill set to each situation to create custom health, wellness, and performance programs for his clients. In 2013 he founded The Power House together with his wife, Jill. Since then, they […]

Episode 27: Effectiveness | Shaking Things Up, with Beth Kieffer Leonard

Beth Kieffer Leonard is the managing partner of Lurie, LLP. In her role, she is focused on the firm’s strategy and effectiveness, including the growth of the firm and the development of people. She has led the firm for the past decade and expanded both the service offerings and geography of Lurie. The firm has […]

Episode 26: Lady Boss | Following Your Dreams, with Kristin Shane

Kristin Shane is the Chief Dream-Follower, Founder and CEO at Fly Feet Running. She spent most of her career running high profile businesses for Target, most recently as the Vice President Merchandise Manager of the $6.2B omnichannel beauty and personal care business. She started Fly Feet in 2016 to realize her own vision: to inspire […]

Episode 24: Female Leaders | Making the World Work for Everyone, with Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons is a CEO, entrepreneur, and all-around good human who speaks about the intersection of leadership, entrepreneurialism, technology, and people. Through her candid writing and speaking, she explores the many facets of life at work and champions human-centered approaches to business. Seeing work and the culture of work as the next economic frontier, she […]

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