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This is the Intentional Greatness Podcast. This podcast will ask you the tough questions and teach you the skills, practices, and mindset you need to become an unf💗<kwithable leader, entrepreneur or business owner. You will hear interviews with leaders who shattered their own illusions of a “perfect life” and who refuse to be defined or limited by their circumstances. It is going to be smart, informative, and most of all, challenging. Let’s cut through the bullshit and learn how to power through to the next level and realize your own incredible potential. Thank you for jumping in and taking this ride with me.


Episode 11: Intentional Greatness as a Woman Leader in Vision Loss Support, with Kate Grathwol

Kate Grathwol, Ph.D is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Vision Loss Resources, its partnering social enterprise Contract Production Services, and DeafBlind Services Minnesota LLC. Vision Loss Resources is Minnesota’s leading provider of support, information, rehabilitation, and referral services for people living with vision loss or blindness. Their mission is to create a community […]

Episode 9: Woman-Owned | Intentional Greatness In Language Services, with Claudia Mirza

As a tireless leader and visionary, Cladia Mirza has guided Akorbi to become the 34th largest language services provider and the 13th fastest-growing woman-owned and led company in the world. She is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, inventor with multiple patents, a voice and advocate for women in business, and has recently been invited to the […]

Episode 8: Intentional Greatness and the Metaphysical World, with Business Woman Laurie Wondra

Laurie Wondra is a global IT executive, business leader, life coach, author, teacher, speaker, Shaman and spiritual medium. Laurie uses her unique gifts to help business leaders through executive consulting work to assist in strategy, organizational change, leadership development, and large-scale IT program deployments. Laurie’s coaching aids individuals, teams and organizations to reach their next […]

Episode 7: Intentional Greatness and Overcoming Self-Doubt, with Alexandra Stieglbauer

For this unique episode of the Intentional Greatness Podcast, I’m joined by Ali Stieglbauer. Ali is the co-author of my book, Chasing Perfection: Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success. Ali is a remarkable and driven leader and the Marketing Manager at my company, YESS! Your Extraordinary Success Strategies, Inc. And most importantly, Ali […]

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