Intentional Greatness® Podcast

This is the Intentional Greatness® Podcast. We ask you the tough questions and teach you the skills, practices, and mindset you need to become an Unf💗<kwithable® leader, entrepreneur or business owner. You will hear interviews with leaders who shattered their own illusions of a “perfect life” and who refuse to be defined or limited by their circumstances. It’s smart, informative, and most of all, challenging. It’s time to cut through the bullshit and learn how to power through to the next level and realize your own incredible potential. Thank you for jumping in and taking this ride with me.

Episode 158: The New Elimination Diet

“Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter, agility is the elimination of physical clutter, and tranquility is the elimination of spiritual clutter,” says author James Clear. In this episode of the podcast Sue and Ali discuss the importance of putting your life on an elimination diet. This means decluttering your environment and mind, saying no,… View Article

Episode 157: Talent Tips: Hiring in 2022

Hiring continues to be a challenge, and many of us have experienced the excitement of a new hire only to have it not work out long-term. How can you take a better approach to hiring and get the right people in the right seats – the first time? On today’s podcast Sue shares actionable tips… View Article

Episode 156: Effort Over Outcome

If you were to look back on your life, how often have things turned out exactly as you expected? The answer would likely be close to never. Sometimes we miss the mark, while other times we exceed it. We tend to live in a false hope that we know what the future holds when in… View Article

Episode 155: Intentional Greatness® in Action

Listen Here: Most people want to have a business that serves their life and their purpose. But, they aren’t sure how to make it happen. No one actually wakes up each day wanting to make things difficult or cause pain. People live their lives wanting to add value, make an impact, and benefit others. At… View Article

Episode 154: Vulnerability As a Strength

Listen Below: As a leader, it is important to be vulnerable with your team members, but you also have to assume a position of strength so your team has faith in tomorrow. This is a delicate balancing act that requires so much time and energy in periods of crisis. But with the right mindset, as… View Article

Episode 153: Putting In the Work

In our current world, we are used to instant gratification. Whether that’s getting groceries delivered within hours or merchandise shipped to our home in days–we are used to the immediacy of things. Overall, the persistence and patience to be intentional about something over time is a somewhat lost art. Achieving Intentional Greatness requires intention and… View Article

Episode 152: Hacking Your Mindset

On today’s podcast Sue gets vulnerable and shares why she’s feeling down this week. Listen in to learn how to manage your mindset and hack yourself to feeling better. As Sue says, “you can’t think your way to better acting, but you can act your way to better thinking!” What you’ll learn about in this… View Article

Episode 151: A Constant Evolution

As the world continues to change through the pandemic, we are in a state of constant evolution. Listen in as Sue shares why it’s critical that we make adjustments to adapt to our circumstances – both individually and collectively, and at work and home. While we may hope the world will someday go back to… View Article

Episode 150: Combating Imposter Syndrome

Listen in as Sue and Ali discuss the Whole Life Challenge, overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and why disciplined practices lead to increased results. What you’ll learn: Why you need practices to stay at your best How lowering the bar allows you to achieve more long-term Why making one right choices leads to more positive choices How… View Article

Episode 149: Decisions for Your Future Self

Listen in as Sue and Ali discuss setting boundaries, getting clear on priorities, and making decisions with your future self in mind. What you’ll learn: Why relationships are fluid and often change How to create accountability and support around you Why journaling is critical when making tough decisions How the practice of suspension allows you… View Article

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