Intentional Greatness Podcast

This is the Intentional Greatness Podcast. This podcast will ask you the tough questions and teach you the skills, practices, and mindset you need to become an unf💗<kwithable leader, entrepreneur or business owner. You will hear interviews with leaders who shattered their own illusions of a “perfect life” and who refuse to be defined or limited by their circumstances. It is going to be smart, informative, and most of all, challenging. Let’s cut through the bullshit and learn how to power through to the next level and realize your own incredible potential. Thank you for jumping in and taking this ride with me.


Episode 44: Coaching | Entrepreneurial Leap, with Gino Wickman

Coaching | Lead the Life You Were Born to Lead Many of you know Gino Wickman as the founder of EOS Worldwide, but there is so much more to his story beyond EOS and Traction. Most recently, Gino launched his next great endeavor called Entrepreneurial Leap, which aims to discover entrepreneurs-in-the-making and help them realize […]

Episode 43: Female Leader | Conscious Communication and Leadership, with Lacy Starling

Female Leader | A Matter of Perspective Lacy Starling is a fearless female leader who has accomplished so much in so little time. As the owner of Starling Holdings, Lacy serves as the president of Legion Logistics, co-founder of Legion Technologies, and founder and chief storyteller of Starling Consulting. Running three successful businesses is nothing […]

Episode 41: Female Leader | Built to Sell, with Peggy McHale

Female Leader | From the Ground Up Peggy McHale is a serial entrepreneur, growth guru, and renown female leader in the consulting industry where she built her business, C2G Partners. Peggy is the co-author of Black and White Strike Gold: Practical Nuggets to Grow Your Business, and she serves on NJIT’s Undergraduate Research and Innovation […]

Episode 40: Female Leader | Become a Magnetic Leader, with Heather Monahan

Female Leader | Confidence and Momentum It only took one year for Heather Monahan to become a dominant female leader within the broadcasting industry. Her success in business development culminated in an equity partnership with her employer and it shattered the glass ceiling. Heather used her success as a springboard to build a personal brand […]

Episode 37: Female Leaders | Discovering the Third Option, with Shannon Miles

Female Leaders | At a Crossroads As female leaders, we often reach a crossroads where it feels like we have to choose between work and family instead of following a natural path. It is an illusion that Shannon Miles knows all too well. After working towards her dream job for four years, Shannon and her […]

Episode 35: Effectiveness | Giving Back to the Small Business Community, with Amanda Brinkman

Amanda Brinkman is the Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe Corporation and creator, producer and host of the hit series “Small Business Revolution,” which was named among Inc. Magazine’s top shows for entrepreneurs. In the inspirational reality show, Brinkman showcases her love for small towns by spearheading efforts to revitalize entire communities by increasing […]

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