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Episode 104:

Larissa Loden is the owner/designer of Larissa Loden Inc., a jewelry company designed for the bold, the fearless, the elegant and the understated. Inspired by a love of travel, Larissa Loden’s unique style and personality are infused into every piece.

Larissa Loden has been designing and creating jewelry since 2005. Every piece sold supports a woman-mother-artist owned small business that employs a collective of amazing humans. The jewelry is handcrafted in Minneapolis by a team of artisans, mothers, students, and creative individuals.

Larissa and her team believe that when we come together as a community, we can make the world shine a little brighter. That’s just one of the reasons that each year Larissa Loden Inc. donates 5% of profits to Cookie Cart, a nonprofit teaching teens life, leadership, and small business skills through experience and training in an urban bakery.

Larissa hails from upstate New York and has lived in Minnesota for 18 years. She learned her entrepreneurial spirit from working at her family’s small business and refined her management skills while being a middle school art teacher for 8 years. Larissa has a passion for running her company ethically and giving back to the community.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How being a middle school art teacher for 8 years helped her run a business
  • How to balance running a business and being a mom
  • Who you shouldn’t hire
  • Why checking in with your team is so important
  • Transitioning from an in-person business to digital
  • The impact that the pandemic has had on working women
  • What inspires Larissa’s jewelry designs
  • What it’s like having a baby during a pandemic
  • Who you should take advice from


From Teacher To Entrepreneur

Larissa Loden is the owner/designer of Larissa Loden Inc. A jewelry company designed for the bold, the fearless, the elegant and the understated. After growing up in upstate New York, she began her career as an art teacher in Minnesota. Larissa found that she couldn’t escape the entrepreneur bug. In this episode of the Intentional Greatness® podcast, Larissa explains why she initially didn’t want to have her own business. She tells us what aspect her business needed to include, in order to feed her soul.

Avoiding The Inevitable

Larissa was always an artist, but she didn’t think that being an entrepreneur was for her. Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, her parents owned a country store. Watching them run their business made her crave a stable career. She explains how she fell into having a business after taking a mall job at a bead store during college. Some people are just destined to be business owners. Larissa couldn’t seem to avoid that fate.

Life-Changing Conversations

Larissa began her career as an art teacher for Kindergarten to 8th grade. She tells us that it’s important to make an impact, so teaching really resonated with her. Although she enjoyed her job teaching, she constantly spent her free time selling her jewelry at trade shows. Larissa convinced herself that she could do it all, until a conversation with a colleague convinced her to take the leap into full time entrepreneurship. In our conversation she shares how she was able to add an element of giveback into her business to help make an impact.

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