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Episode 127:

Today Sue is coming at you from the Intentional Growth podcast airwaves! Listen in as Sue speaks with Intentional Growth podcast host Ryan Tansom about leadership, growth, and becoming Unf♥<kwithable®.

During this episode Sue opens up about a challenging period in both her personal and professional life and the growth that ultimately led to becoming Unf♥<kwithable®. She offers practices and activities to help other leaders become more grounded and centered.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Unf♥<kwithable® means and how it holds space for others
  • Why the Core Values of a company are so important during an unstable economy
  • How confidence and being grounded affects your opinions and ideas
  • Practices to feel more centered and grounded
  • Why it’s beneficial to listen to people with different opinions and experiences
  • Why the best person to educate someone is a person that truly cares
  • How taking a Clarity Break™ can help you clear space in your mind


Becoming Unfuckwithable

When leaders are at their best, they are Unf♥<kwithable®. But, becoming Unf♥<kwithable® is the journey away from imposter syndrome and self-doubt. During this episode of the Intentional Greatness® podcast, Sue shares a challenging period in both her personal and professional life which led her on her journey to becoming Unf♥<kwithable®. She offers her thoughts on some of the practices and activities that can help you become more grounded and centered.

Changing Opinions

There was a time when people were raised to not speak about certain topics, like sex, religion, or politics. Now that we have social media, we are always posting our opinions and hardening that opinion onto the person’s character, and judging them based on that thought. People must be able to learn and educate themselves over time. We need to give others the opportunity to change their perspective based on new information.

Setting Core Values

Core values are huge for your business. You have to get clear about who you are, what is your purpose, and what are your best and worst uses. After honing and refining your core values you’ll be able to come through difficult circumstances. Businesses can double down on their core values during challenging times and rely on those values as the reasoning behind their decisions. Great core values were and always will be who you are.

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