Results Guaranteed

Results Guaranteed: Winning Strategies for Stress Free Communication

We are moving faster and exchanging more information than ever before, and the differences in people’s communication styles make misunderstandings common. This leads to unresolved conflict and compromised achievement- costing time and money.

This interactive half-day workshop provides attendees with practical, dynamic and simple solutions to communication issues.Sue will share ideas, insights and suggestions that will make a significant difference to your and your team!

Learn how to:

  • Maximize and improve team communication
  • Be better at managing and leading people
  • Be flexible without compromising yourself
  • Identify what motivates others

By teaching you to identify the communication style of yourself and others, Results Guaranteed will enhance the quality of interactions in your life and significantly impact your communications.

Communication Style Questionnaire Download Our Results Guaranteed Flyer

“It was definitely a ‘light bulb-going-on-above-my-head’ experience.” Angela Ryan, Comsys

“Sue Hawkes was outstanding! Being in the Analytical Quadrant myself, these training sessions are not my favorite thing to do, but I would go again in an instant now. Thanks again.”
Mike Jacobson, IWCO Direct