Unf♥<kwithable® means to be truly at peace and in touch with yourself, where nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. It’s a word you can use to psych yourself up to do something challenging – something just outside of your comfort zone (enter 2020!). 

It’s a state of mind where you have a certainty of self that is unwavering and unshakable, creating a presence which allows you to be steadfast in your commitment and unaltered by any circumstances or conditions which may be trying to sway you. It’s our theme, is it yours?

This word and experience inspired my book Chasing Perfection: Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success and the book in turn has inspired a movement. If you’re ready to experience being Unf♥<kwithable® more often – join us (inquire at If wearing a reminder will help you, like it does for me, check out our merchandise below.

I hope you enjoy your purchase and wear it with great pride and confidence. One request, PLEASE SHARE A PHOTO OF YOU SHOWING YOUR Unf♥<kwithable® BEST WITH US (send to!