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Episode 3: Intentional Greatness In Marketing and Advertising, with Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson is the CEO of Art Unlimited, a marketing and advertising firm based in Angora, Minnesota. She is a second-generation business owner, marketing expert, respected speaker and thought leader. Anna is also a recipient of the Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Award. Anna helps her clients with innovative marketing campaigns and strategies that help propel their businesses to the next level. Anna is a remarkable example of how women entrepreneurs can find success even in male-dominated sectors.
Intentional Greatness In Marketing and Advertising, with Female Entrepreneur Anna Anderson
What You Will Learn:

  • Anna discusses the unique qualities and opportunities of working for a family business, and she shares the advantages of working alongside her sister and leaning on each other’s business strengths.
  • Anna shares the multiple industries Art Unlimited works in, and she discusses the importance of diversifying work into many areas including small business work, tourism, and the roofing home service industry.
  • Anna explains why she and Art Unlimited are working with the local school system to increase awareness and understanding of technology and its uses, as a way to strengthen tech skills for local students.
  • Anna describes the difficulty that business owners often experience finding assistance to get their vision into the real world as a marketing strategy, and she shares how she resolved to do something about it.
  • Learn why Anna doesn’t find it challenging to work in a heavily male-dominated industry like roofing, as women in business sometimes do. She shares the source of her innate confidence, and she explains why she prefers to look forward to the future rather than looking back.
  • Anna discusses her faith and why it is the cornerstone of her life philosophy. She talks about making decisions, taking the right opportunities, and letting her faith and her heart guide her.


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