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Episode 34:

Michele knew at a very young age she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Heading her father’s construction crew before the age of 20, she wasn’t afraid of hard work or manual labor and she had built strong core values.

She swapped construction boots for stilettos and started PRIMP, a cheap-chic boutique, in 2010. With eight brick and mortar locations throughout the Midwest, the concept has styled nearly a million women and counting.

Her love for all things beauty didn’t stop with clothing as she set out to fill a major void in the aesthetics marketplace. After having three children and feeling like an hour-long facial treatment wasn’t in the cards, she decided it was time to create a welcoming space where people could get micro treatments at an approachable price point!

What You Will Learn:

  • Michele Henry’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • How Michele’s core values and work ethic helped her overcome the fear of starting a new business
  • The challenges Michele faced while running her business
  • Why Michele decided to leave PRIMP and start a new business
  • The importance of leveraging social media


Core Values | Betting on Yourself

A New Legacy

Throughout her childhood, Michele Henry spent a lot of time around her parents’ business. Because both of them were involved, work-life integration and strong core values formed the glue that held her family together. Michele spent her early days playing Sega Genesis in the back room with her siblings. But by eighteen, Michele was running the construction team by herself—she was damn good at her job. Core Values | Betting on Yourself, with Michele Henry

Michele was passionate about her work and loyal to the family but in the back of her mind, she still wanted to make her mark in the world of fashion and beauty. Working in the family business prepared Michele to build her own legacy. It was a difficult decision, but she left her steady paycheck to open a cheap chic boutique called PRIMP and dove in headfirst.

Growing as an Entrepreneur

Michele went from working with all men to working with all women, and it was a struggle figuring out what she had to do to make things work financially. Michele and her partner were working relentlessly to grow their business and the results showed. One of the main reasons they experienced so much success in their niche is through Michele’s ability to leverage social media. It helped grow PRIMP to eight locations across the Midwest along with clever branding and a unique business model. The driving forces, however, were her work ethic and her core values.

With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

Once PRIMP was an established business, Michele started to explore other avenues in the beauty industry and negotiated an exit strategy with her partner. She broke off to create the Face Foundry, which was a manifestation of her open-air concept for accessible expert skincare. It is hard to leave a sure thing to start something new. There will always be self-doubt and a sense of imposter syndrome when you make that kind of decision. Your core values will be strained, but remember, you are betting on yourself as a business owner. The odds are in your favor.


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