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Episode 56:

Donnie Boivin is changing the game of business development. At the age of 22 right out of the Marine Corps, he struggled with what to do next. He landed his first straight commission sales job and has spent over 2 decades learning what it takes to be successful in sales, business & life. At the age of 40, he discovered hed’ been living other people’s dreams and not chasing his own.

Launching his own business, he found himself and grew an international business and became one of the world’s top podcasters and started changing lives.

He knows how to help you change your mindset and up your game. His story about becoming a Success Champion in his own life has inspired thousands to get out of their own way and go for it. Get ready to have your fire lit and start chasing your own dreams.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Donnie’s story and his journey into entrepreneurship
  • How Donnie is helping people get out of their own way and chase their dreams
  • What Donnie is doing to pivot his business in response to the global pandemic
  • How Donnie’s virtual networking and CE platform works
  • What other entrepreneurs can take away from Donnie’s experience navigating the pandemic
  • How Donnie managed to find opportunity in times of crisis
  • How to sell without selling in a time where your clients need more than a vendor or service provider


It’s Okay to Pivot Your Business

Donnie Boivin is a kickass entrepreneur and a living example of the unf<3ckwithable ideology. He is one of the main reasons we have a Facebook group to connect with one another and collaborate on the challenges life throws our way. Donnie is a Success Champion who leverages the lessons and experiences from his own life to inspire thousands of people to get out of their own way and chase their dreams. He built his business around that goal and it is impacting the lives of so many entrepreneurs and business leaders across the globe. Donnie is also the host of the Success Champions podcast where he produces content to spread his message to even more people. In this episode of Intentional Greatness, Donnie joins us to share his story and talk about the work he is doing.

Do Your Part

Right now, we are in a situation that we’ve never encountered before. But despite the chaos this COVID-crisis has unleashed on the global economy, we are going to power through it. For coaches, mentors, and public speakers especially, it is our responsibility to get out there and speak up. We have to use our expertise to instill a sense of calm and optimism in our audience members because everything is going to be alright. Donnie has been doing everything in his power to make that happen. Our job is to identify opportunities, solve problems, and help people. That is our part. If the rest of us can stay home and prevent the hospitals from being overrun, this will all be over before we know it.

There is Always a Next Move

Donnie still has current revenue streams like podcast consulting and mastermind programs designed to help small businesses scale. But public speaking is the core of Donnie’s business. The other streams of revenue cannot recoup the losses quickly enough to cover the amount of cash that went into his upcoming live event. That is why he went back to the drawing board and made sure to adapt. Donnie came up with Success Champion Networking which provides business owners with a powerful platform to make meaningful business connections virtually. It combines the benefits of networking and education so that business owners can learn from each other’s experiences and plan for the future.

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