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Episode 35:

Amanda Brinkman is the Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe Corporation and creator, producer and host of the hit series “Small Business Revolution,” which was named among Inc. Magazine’s top shows for entrepreneurs. In the inspirational reality show, Brinkman showcases her love for small towns by spearheading efforts to revitalize entire communities by increasing the effectiveness of small businesses.

In its first season, “Small Business Revolution” documented the $500,000 revitalization of Wabash, Indiana, in an online series featuring Brinkman and celebrity entrepreneur Robert Herjavec. After a wildly successful first year, they headed to Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, for a second season and another round of small-business makeovers. For season 3, Brinkman was joined by a new co-host, renovation icon Ty Pennington, and brought the Small Business Revolution movement to the town of Alton, Illinois. And now, in the hit show’s fourth season, Brinkman and Pennington will tackle a variety of marketing challenges for small businesses in Searcy, Arkansas.

Brinkman is a sought-after public speaker, sharing her “Do Well By Doing Good” philosophy on stages around the country. She demonstrates how both companies and individuals can make a meaningful and positive difference in people’s lives, while increasing their own success in the process. It is her passionate belief that companies must identify their brand’s purpose but they cannot stop there, they must find their unique brand action.
What You Will Learn:

What is the Small Business Revolution

  • The difference between giving and giving back
  • How Amanda is increasing the effectiveness of small businesses across the U.S.
  • Typical mistakes that SMBs make in their marketing efforts
  • What is an intrapreneur
  • How to bring creativity into a corporate environment


Effectiveness | Revitalizing Main Street

Small Business Revolution

Outside of Amanda Brinkman’s role as the Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe Corporation, she is the creator and host of “Small Business Revolution.” Amanda was Effectiveness | Giving Back to the Small Business Community, with Amanda Brinkmaninspired to tell the stories of 100 small businesses across the country, but it has since developed into an immensely popular docuseries changing hearts and minds everywhere. Her goal is to revitalize the proverbial “Main Street” in small towns throughout the U.S. by increasing the effectiveness and strength of their small businesses.

Giving Back

“Giving back” is a non-negotiable. Our purpose on this earth is to make other people’s lives better, but so many companies draw the line at philanthropy and volunteerism. Large companies have a responsibility to take it a step further because they have the means to “give back” on a grand scale. Amanda increased Deluxe’s effectiveness in this territory by devising a plan to help small businesses where it really counts. She found that the best way to connect with small businesses is to work with them directly, and Deluxe’s offerings reflect that.

Inspire Support

Deluxe’s products and services increase the effectiveness of small businesses, but the number one thing a small business needs is customers. Amanda realized that she could provide marketing expertise to help them drum up support. The best way to help small businesses is to work with them on all of the areas that don’t come naturally. Marketing is one of them and many small businesses struggle with it. Amanda is doing everything in her power to help small businesses create a ripple effect in their communities, and she is using Deluxe as a vehicle to change lives for the better.


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