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Episode 36:

Female entrepreneur Laura has spent over 25 years in consulting – solving problems for companies across the US. In 2008 she started Keyot with her sister and brother-in-law and focused on creative workforce solutions centered around business and technology project delivery.

Keyot services include “renting” senior leaders who are experienced problem solvers and change managers to companies who have a need for those skills for a period of time. To solve the shortage of STEM professionals in corporate America, Keyot created Crew212, a Zillennial launchpad that “builds” leaders for their clients. Keyot hires, trains, mentors and guides these recent college graduates to become the next generation of leaders solving problems and managing change. Trained with an analytical consulting mindset, many of these young leaders become employees of their clients and continue their careers in corporate America.

Laura’s role as CEO and Integrator is to enable the Keyot team to achieve amazing results and continue to change the workforce one project at a time. Keyot has grown to support clients in 11 states with offices in St. Paul, MN, and West Des Moines, IA. More information can be found at

What You Will Learn:

  • The transformation of the female entrepreneur
  • How the “try and fail” model has impacted the workforce
  • How Laura uses role-playing to develop her team’s skills
  • The biggest generational differences in the workforce
  • Why zillennials are the new generation of problem solvers
  • What managers can do to better equip themselves to lead new generations
  • The challenges of operating a family business


Female Entrepreneur | Future Leaders in the Workplace

Laura Kelly is a female entrepreneur and an expert matchmaker for businesses and consultants. Her company, Keyot, is a certified woman-owned, boutique consulting firm that provides a Female Entrepreneur | Overcoming Generational Differences in the Workplace, with Laura Kellyspecialized and transformative workforce solution to their client partners. Over half of Keyot’s staff are zillennials (Gen-Z + Millennials) and Laura frequently turns to them for unique perspectives in the workplace. As part of their Crew212 program, Laura and her team groom young leaders and prepare them for successful careers in STEM. She teaches them how to overcome their limiting beliefs and learn from their failures, so they can grow into leaders of the future.

Try and Fail

With Laura’s guidance, the zillennial team members are taught that it is ok try-and-fail. They recognize progress in the modern workforce and acknowledge biases that still exist. But there is a huge difference between taking a calculated risk and being foolish. Laura addresses behavior and mentality out of the gate and it enables new employees to start a journey of professional development from day one. Constructive feedback is the best gift you can give or receive if you are open to it; developing the right perspective is a significant part of that process. Being able to look at situations objectively is one of the reasons Laura has experienced great success as a female entrepreneur.

Hone Your Skills in a Low Stakes Environment

In today’s culture, zillennials desperately need validation from their peers. But it can be highly productive in the right environment. One thing that sets Laura apart from the next female entrepreneur is her advocacy for role-playing—she tries to make time for it in every meeting. Whether it is a new idea or a new skill, role-playing is the best way for young professionals to practice. It enables them to develop critical leadership and technical traits in a low-stakes environment. They can learn how to interview, pitch, negotiate salary, and concept without putting their careers on the line. We still gain valuable lessons from trying and failing, but we can laugh at ourselves with support from our peers too.

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