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Episode 116:

Kelly Knight is an expert builder of teams. She is hard-wired to find and grow other talented people, guiding them to reach their maximum potential. After spending 20 years within the financial services industry, managing and leading dynamic organizations, Kelly has been serving as the EOS Worldwide Integrator since 2016.

Not to be confused with an EOS Implementer®, as integrator Kelly is the one who harmoniously unites the major functions of the business, while driving accountability and obsessing about organizational clarity. Her gift is leading with positivity and heart, with a passion for uniting teams to achieve the extraordinary.

Today, Kelly’s focus is continuing to share EOS® (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) with the world in a meaningful way through international expansion, as well as growing the EOS® community with people that are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How EOS Worldwide pivoted during the pandemic
  • What makes a great team builder
  • How the pandemic has given people the power of choice
  • Why EOS® merged into a franchise
  • How building a franchise helped protect and preserve EOS®
  • What an Integrator™ is and what they do


Putting People First

Kelly Knight is the integrator for EOS Worldwide. Since 2016 she’s been uniting the major functions of the business while driving accountability and organizational clarity. She helps entrepreneurs reach their potential and get what they want from their businesses. In this episode of the Intentional Greatness® podcast, Kelly shares how she focused on putting people first and used EOS® tools during the pandemic to push forward day after day.

Power of Choice

During the early stages of the pandemic, Kelly was faced with the challenge of pivoting from an in-person conference to a virtual event with a thousand people. While many companies resisted the transition to an online world, EOS Worldwide embraced the moment and found a new way to help people. Kelly explains that making the business “work from anywhere” gives people the power of choice. She shares that now the company operates on a hybrid model of both in-person or online options, giving employees the opportunity for whichever option suits them.

Being Transparent

In order to maximize transformation and impact more lives EOS Worldwide needed to franchise and sell. Kelly shares how the leaders of the company handled the decision to franchise and why the company’s plans were transparently shared with the EOS Worldwide employees. In this episode, Kelly discusses the importance of being open, honest,and transparent in business. She also explains how franchising can not only transform, but also preserve a business.

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