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Episode 2: Intentional Greatness In Journalism and Media, with Allison Kaplan

Allison Kaplan is a respected writer, editor, public speaker, content creator, and self-proclaimed shopping guru. In her role as Editor-in-Chief at Twin Cities Business Magazine, Ali manages content development for print and digital content as well as events. Ali’s writing has appeared in a number of prestigious national publications including Lucky, ShopEtc., and Delta Sky Magazine. In addition to her frequent work as an event emcee and moderator, she is a sought-after television and radio guest and hosts the weekly radio show Shop Girls alongside her mother on myTalk107.1. Ali is a true example of how women in leadership positions can balance all aspects of their lives and still excel in their careers.Intentional Greatness In Journalism and Media for Women In Leadership, with Allison Kaplan

What You Will Learn:

  • Ali explains why she always loved writing and why she followed a career path into journalism. She shares her intense focus on pursuing her journalistic dreams and discusses not wanting her reputation to be that of “first woman editor” at Twin Cities Business Magazine.
  • Ali shares how her unique perspective has allowed her to make some major changes and improvements to the magazine. She shares specific examples of some of the changes she has made and the content she has reworked.
  • Ali discusses balancing her career with her role as a mother, and she explains how she has tried to integrate her kids into her work life. She talks about the challenges of setting boundaries for her kids and for herself.
  • Ali talks about co-hosting a radio show with her mother, and about the pressures of running a magazine. She explains the struggle of managing others and shares the challenge of doing versus delegating.
  • Learn how Ali is dealing with the ever-evolving print journalism industry. She shares why digital media and print media both have their place, and she discusses the profound changes that social media and technology have brought to journalism.
  • Ali discusses the skepticism that today’s society often feels toward media, and she explains why it makes journalists’ jobs more important than ever before and necessitates authenticity and a new level of depth.
  • Ali shares how she finds inspiration through consuming media, traveling, riding her bicycle and other strategies. She discusses the rare times in which she gets burned out on social media.
  • Ali discusses the methods of self-care she follows to make time for herself, and the legacy she hopes to leave behind. She also shares her advice for women in business: stay open to opportunities, be willing to try new things, and work hard.




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